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Yuuto hasn't really been blogging or tweeting since he left Black Run, but I just happened to check my Nau feed while he was updating... and augh, surprising exciting news! He's playing for (vistlip) Tomo and Rui's sideproject, Daikon Danchi (literally: radish apartments).

[2/5 1:56]
Daikon Danchi『☆Daikon Danchi News☆』 http://amba.to/VLWO8D

[3/1 16:32]
The support live is soon, so I thought I'd revive [myself] around now. Yesterday was the rehearsal. Maybe today there's also a rehearsal?

[3/1 18:22]

[3/1 23:12]
It's been awhile. Ah, I can still play the bass! It's awesome!

[3/2 00:22]
Daikon Danchi's good, huh. SUGI's good too. Yosh. I'll manage somehow. Let's go home. Let's go home and eat Chinese food. Let's take a shower. Let's go to Seven Eleven.

[3/2 23:41]
Tomorrow is Daikon Danchi!

[3/3 12:51]
Good morning!

[3/4 7:17]
I played bass for Daikon Danchi. Thank you to everyone. It was a fun day. I'll go to sleep with this happy mood. Anyway, thank you.

[3/7 18:02]
How many characters can you use in Nau?

[3/7 18:12]

[3/7 18:15]
140 isn't enough space to write my impressions of the Daikon Danchi live

[3/7 18:19]
Should I blog?

[3/7 18:30]

[3/7 18:43]
Okay, [maybe] later!

[3/10 19:00]
Ah, I didn't write(゚o゚;;

[3/10 19:06]
I drank too much alcohol and forgot(つД`)

[3/10 19:13]
I won't write now. I'm working. From Monday, I have bass practice again. Because on the 24th, I'll be supporting Daikon Danchi!

[3/10 19:36]
Thanks! You were helpful! Everyone's kind, ne!

[vistlip: rui] blog: 2012-08-10
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[[I live! Sort of. Not really. Well, this blog is sort-of-not-really living... anyway, here's an old post from vistlip's Rui! His haplessness is so endearing. XD]]


I Ate Tonkatsu

Yo, Nagoya.

Today's meeting time was late.
But, because the room was being cleaned till 3pm, you have to leave,

because I was told that, until after 3pm at the hotel, Ruisu went and wandered aimlessly, Rui in Nagoya.

Ruisu doesn't know any of Nagoya's geography, Rui in Nagoya.

I struggled through various things and finally arrived at Parco in Nagoya.

Because I knew they had ROYAL FLASH, I tried to enter, I was hungry, so I went to a restaurant and had lunch by myself.
It was tonkatsu.
It was delicious.
But it was lonely.

So in this way, I had 30 minutes until the meeting time.
The meeting was in the hotel lobby.

Well, going back to the hotel and leaving Parco, what a disaster! I didn’t know the way back!

Ruisu rushing, Rui in Nagoya

Still, a memory of the way to the hotel finally came to Ruisu, Rui in Nagoya.

After great pains, Ruisu arrived at the hotel before the meeting time, Rui in Nagoya.

And right as I returned to the hotel, Ruisu immediately took a taxi to the handshake event, Rui in Nagoya.

Across from that place is Parco. Lol

This sort of Nagoya adventure story.
It's the event from now.

Everyone in Nagoya, please take care of me.


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[miyagi yu] twitter: Jan 13 - Jan 15, 2011
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I'm skipping the tweets that are just alerts that he's posted in his Ameblo. Finally actually posted on 12/30/12!

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Yuuto on Twitter!
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Unfortunately for this journal, I'm still in Korean mode. ^^; But for those who haven't seen it yet, Yuuto/Miyagi Yu/Miyagi Isamu is now on Twitter: miyagi_isamu!

Well, tweets are a bit shorter than his blog posts tend to be, so that may be a way for me to get back into translating... on the other hand, it's yet another thing to keep up with! XD

[miyagi yu] 2010-10-27
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The 26th's Live


Good morning.

Yesterday was Shibuya O-WEST's live.

I was nervous and anxious to be on that stage after a long time.


Really, thank you very much.

I hope to come again someday,

I hope I [met expectations?]

I'll do my best being in a band again.

Please support the changed BLACK RUN's Miyagi Isamu.


Probably, I think you can see the homepage in the URL above.
Sorry if I'm wrong.

And, the one-man live for next February 4th has been decided.

At Shibuya O-CREST.

That day will be a new step forward, I think it'll be an important day.

Definitely, please come and see it.

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[band] royz - kui-nyan & lover b
Hi, guys!

So, I didn't really expect people to start friending this journal, which wasn't ever really supposed to be regularly updated (and obviously isn't). XD But I wanted to apologize for the complete lack of updates in last month. Ever since vistlip's hiatus started, I haven't been checking Ameba as often (it makes me sad to not wake up to their random spamming), and I've been in a bit of a K-Pop phase, since the bad news in VK in general has been keeping me away more.

But I'm hoping to start getting back into the swing of things, though I'm sure it'll happen very slowly. XD Please bear with me!

[miyagi yu] blog - amembers only: 2010-07-25
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[The entry about Yuuto and his bike misadventures is currently half-translated and in a private post, since his sentences were long and this is the post I really wanted to translate. >.> It's another Amember-locked post, this time - again without a specific name - probably about Zill from Moran (formerly Saburo of KuRt, among others), who passed away on the 23rd.]




A cool artist has been lost.

A bassist I liked.

He was kind.

It's lonely, isn't it.

It's lonely.

[miyagi yu] 2010-07-24
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Around 15:00 on Saturday


Good morning.

When I touched my cell phone while riding my bike, I ran into the back of a bike [[or motorcycle?]] with all my strength.

It's likely in a comic, it's easy to understand that you'd fall over.

Maybe, I fell twice.

I hurt my leg a little bit, but I'll be careful.

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[miyagi yu] blog: 2010-07-23
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Today is hot, too.

The reason is, I have three T-shirts to change into.

Doing laundry is too difficult.

I already want to use the Summer as an excuse to go to the ocean.

[Edna! Good taste, Yuuto. XD]

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[miyagi yu] blog: 2010-07-21 & 2010-07-22
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[Yes, that's the entire entry. I'm posting it here just to include it on the off-chance I ever get caught up. Maybe this was a sneaky birthday message to Jin. XD]






It's hot, ne.

I feel a little tired from the Summer heat.

I received pastries from Watanabe Sensei and Yamamoto-san [Will get rest of the sentence later, sorry. I'm getting tired, but I want to just get what I can before I don't feel like doing this anymore tonight. >.>]

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